The VIP Experience

                                                                                                  SPARK BOWLING 

If you are a fan of bowling, you'll love Shawnee - SPARK augmented reality bowling! SPARK by Brunswick Bowling is the latest technology that immerses the most avid entertainment seekers with an experience thats guaranteed to rock your world.

SPARK is fully integrated with our scoring system and allows you and your friends to choose between fifteen imaginative themes to turn your favourite game into an exciting augmented reality activity! The integrated SPARK bowling games enable players to bowl in exciting new ways by hitting pins while simultaneously striking illuminated moving targets on the lane surface!

Additionally the SPARK experience is supplement with many other innovative new incredible graphics or even projecting your own photos onto the lane while bowling! SPARK is guaranteed to make bowling more fun and exciting for all players from beginners to professional and turns standard bowling into an unforgettable experience. Please call to rent entire room for your event!